Top 3 Websites To Find Your Next Podcast Guest

websites to find podcast guests

More and more individuals and professionals are tuning into podcasts as an information-packed complement to their daily commute, workout, or chores. Most of today’s podcasts are interview-based. This means the host of the show brings on a guest to talk about a particular subject line that resonates with the podcast audience.

It’s not as easy as one might think to find the perfect guests for a podcast and it’s often a laborious, drawn-out process that takes a lot of time and energy. So, how do podcast hosts and producers find the perfect guests for their shows? In this article, we are going to share with you the top three (3) websites where you can meet and connect with those podcast guests of your choice.

1. connects podcasters with experts, authors, and other podcasters to be guests on their podcasts. is an online directory to find relevant experts and other podcasters to be guests on your podcast.

The website boast of having a network of over 15,000 potential podcast guests across various categories such as Health & Fitness, Real Estate, Relationships, Technology, Entertainment and much more.

If you are a potential podcast guest looking to get listed on the website, you can get this done for as little of $9/month for the Basic option and $29/month for the Premium option. Getting listed on the platform will increase your authority, boost sales and more.
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2. Perfect Podcast Guest

If you’re tired of spending countless hours scouring the web and asking for referrals to book the perfect podcast guest for your show then check this out.

Just like, Perfect Podcast Guest is another online searchable directory that puts interesting individuals and professionals in front of thousands of podcaster producers, hosts, and schedulers looking for the perfect podcast guest.

Unlike similar services of this nature, Perfect Podcast Guest provides a very detailed and informative listing in three different categories. The directory of guests is searchable by keywords, location, and more.
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3. LinkedIn Connect

Full of professionals, LinkedIn is an ideal place to find industry experts that can serve your podcast audience. LinkedIn is all about making connections, from individuals you know personally to individuals you wish you knew. With the platform now topping half a billion users in more than 200 countries, it’s the clear leader among other social media platforms for connecting with professionals in different fields of knowledge.

With LinkedIn, you can search for profiles of your potential podcast guests, connect to them and nicely ask if they would be interested in featuring and sharing their knowledge on your podcast. You are much likely to get a negative response 8 out of 10 times but the 2 positive responses will gladden your heart.


Getting your first few guests for your podcast can seem daunting. But if you pitch your podcast goals and clearly highlight what the guest will get out of it (links, visibility, association with influencers, and traffic) you can greatly increase your chances of landing that perfect guest for your podcast.

We’d love to know if you try any of these suggestions. You can drop your comments and suggestions in the comment box below.