Benefits of Listening to Podcasts While Working

Benefits of listening to podcasts while working

Most people seem to have their earphones in at work, but what are they listening to? To ease the stress of work, many of us like to listen to a podcast while working on one task or the other. For some, it is a source of motivation and for others, it helps to improve their concentration level. There is also a section of people who think listening to a podcast is a distraction and hampers their productivity. But going by a few pieces of research, listening to a podcast while working can be very beneficial, depending upon the kind of task you are doing.

Work is not always fun, but we’ve to do it. Whether it’s driving to work in the morning or washing a towering pile of plates, listening to amazing podcasts can make your agonizing work more bearable and enjoyable. Here are 5 amazing benefits you can get for listening to podcasts while working.

1. It helps reduce work stress

Listening to podcasts can have a tremendously relaxing effect on our minds and bodies, especially motivational types of podcasts. We all know that life is full of little stressors, but that stress can be heightened in any work environment. When the anxiety of work seems to be growing, listening to your favorite podcast can really help you decrease stress and anxiety.

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2. It helps increase your focus

Listening to your favorite podcast while doing your work at the same time is effective so that you will not be distracted. It also allows you to concentrate and feel energetic in doing your work so that you will be able to finish your work easily and on time. Increasing your focus to your work can prevent you from being pressured with the time allotted.

3. Improves your mood & motivation

At its core, podcast has the ability to alter mood. As you listen to a specific type of podcast, your mood can become more positive. This has an effect that can improve your motivation. When you are spending hours on a particular task, it is important to keep your motivation high. That way, you will be able to complete your planned task effectively. Finding the right set of podcast playlist to listen can improve your motivation.

4. Increases your performance & productivity

Podcast is found to help people perform better and become more productive even in high-pressure situations. Studies have shown that listening to amazing podcasts can help people transform from coal to diamonds, shining under intense work pressure.

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5. It helps you escape your surroundings

Surrounded by so much noise and too many distractions, there will be moments when you will want to be alone. But it won’t always be so easy to find a private space to work; coffee shops get full, libraries are too quiet, and the cafeteria is just not an option. Podcasts can provide you with the escape you need without having to leave the four corners of your room.


Ultimately, the relationship between listening to podcast and performance of cognitive tasks is not a one-size-fits-all. Even with all the benefits of listening to a podcast while working. what works for you, your attention span and your need for stimulation may not work for the next person.

However, as I have shared above, the right podcast choice is important. This is because there is a wide range of different podcasts available for your listening pleasure and each podcast type is so different.