Best Podcasting Books For Beginners In 2019

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Planning and starting a podcast can be overwhelming! But it doesn’t need to be. Whatever the reason is for starting your own podcasts (business or fun), the podcasting books shared in this post will teach you everything you need to know as a podcaster.

1. So You Want to Start a Podcast

So You Want to Start a Podcast is an inspiring, comprehensive, step-by-step guide to creating a hit podcasting show. Few know the secrets of successfully creating a knockout podcast better than Kristen Meinzer the author of the book.

The book covers everything from hosting and guest booking to editing and marketing – while offering plenty of encouragement and insider stories along the way. The book also teaches about how to find your voice as a podcaster, how to structure your story in an engaging form and how to build a strong community around the show. Recommend getting your hand on the book before starting your podcast show.

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2. Profitable Podcasting

Profitable Podcasting covers everything you need to know about starting an amazing podcasting show. Authored by Stephen Woessner, the book is a must-have for podcast creators in any industry.

The book lays out the precise formula for creating, launching, marketing and monetizing podcasts in any industry. Packed with priceless production help, software recommendations, web and social strategies, schedules, checklists, and examples, this indispensable guide explains exactly how to create a killer show and make money at the same time.

3. Podcast Launch

Podcast Launch is the ultimate guide for those looking to create and launch their own podcast show. The author John Lee Dumas is the host of the top-ranked podcast “Entrepreneurs On Fire” and is an undisputed authority in the podcast world.

In Podcast Launch John breaks down: What a podcast is – Why Podcasting is exploding – The best podcast equipment – How to identify your podcast name, topic, and avatar – How to record and edit your podcast – How to monetize your podcast and much more.

4. Out on the Wire

Out on the Wire by Jessica Abel is an interesting podcasting book that goes behind the scenes of seven of today’s most popular narrative radio shows and podcasts, including This American Life in a graphic narrative.

According to one of the readers of the book, reading the book felt like going to a storytelling workshop with so much information packed into each panel. Out on the Wire demonstrates that, even in the midst of all the other media that consumes us, radio is still very much alive.

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5. Podcasting for Dummies

More people than ever are turning to podcasts for on-demand, mobile entertainment, and information. Podcasting For Dummies offers a fast and easy way to know how to produce and distribute your own podcast.

Written by a pair of podcasting pioneers, this book shares insight on the technology behind recording, editing and sharing podcasts, along with tips and tricks on how to produce a pro-level podcast. If you want to jump on the podcasting bandwagon, the book is what you need.