Top 5 Free Podcast Hosting Websites In 2019

podcast hosting

When we talk of starting a podcast show, where to host the podcast is one of the most vital question to be addressed before before getting started.

In order to make the content available to the viewer/listener at any time, the podcast data including media files must be stored somewhere and then made available via the internet. A podcast hosting service provides the RSS feed and files hosting for your podcasts.

Thanks to modern cloud services, the cost of storing and serving content on the internet is incredibly getting cheaper. There are lots of fantastic podcasts hosting services out there but very few provide free service with great features. Here are the best free podcast hosting websites in 2019.

1. PodBean

Podbean is a podcast publishing and monetization service, providing free and premium hosting packages for individuals and businesses. Podbean offers a user-friendly interface that integrates publishing, management, syndication and analysis tools into an easy-to-use podcasting package.

Aside from its free hosting feature, Podbean offers integrated monetization tools for podcasters as well. This includes a patron program to raise a monthly income stream from supporters and a sponsorship marketplace to connect with advertisers.

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2. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is the world’s leading music and audio discovery platform. Whether you’re a newbie podcaster or a pro, SoundCloud has the right tools to help you put your podcasts on the internet.

The SoundCloud free plan comes with 3 hours of uploads with basic analytics stats with great embedding and sharing features that make it easy to have your podcast shared across the web.

3. Anchor

Anchor aims to democratize podcasting by making sure it is accessible to everyone. Anchor platform is completely free to use with unlimited hosting. You can also monetize your podcast by connecting with brands that are willing to sponsor your podcast on the platform.

For none technical podcasters that find it to understand technologies such as RSS, Anchor has a one-click distribution feature that makes it easy to distribute your podcast to every major podcast platform including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, and Spotify.

4. Buzzsprout

Buzzsprout offers free podcast hosting as a great option for those just starting out. Their free plan only allows you to upload two hours of content and hosts your files for 90 days. It also includes all the good stuff like, stats, easy migration, and embedded podcast players.

Buzzsprout allows you to embed a podcast player right on your website – and you can feature just one episode or a whole playlist of episodes. Buzzsprout feeds are compatible with all the top directories, so your podcast will appear wherever people are searching for it.

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5. Spreaker

Whether you’re creating a podcast or a radio show, Spreaker gives you all the tools you need to be heard. When it comes to pricing, Spreakers free pricing plan comes with a 5 hours audio storage, 15min live podcast and more.

The website and mobile apps are available to guide podcasters through the entire podcasting process with features include a recording console, audio storage space for hosting shows, the ability to connect with social networks and embed players, detailed audience analytics, and so much more.