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This is no ordinary podcast. Alana seeks out to intentionally Disrupt and Expose the Ordinary Patterns of Leadership that lives inside of all of us and offers you a seat at the table to emerge as the new paradigm leader who will set the pace, tone, and bar for the world. Your host, Alana Fulvio, a 13-time world record-holding skydiver with over 3500 jumps and ex Silicon Valley Advisor to some of the world’s greatest minds and companies, quit it all in 2014 after having been depleted emotionally, mentally, and spiritually from her experience of leaders who were more dedicated to the success of themselves (ME) than showing up with authenticity, integrity and in service of everyone around them having the lives they want committed to harnessing the power of inclusion to achieve the success of the greater collective whole, together (WE). After a year, a month, and 2 days on a solo RV journey with no plan around the US, she founded her company Pendulum and began the WE Leader Movement. What this means for you is that on every episode, Alana gives exclusive access to global WE Leaders who unapologetically and transparently shake out the cobwebs of the confines of the historical definition of leadership. They reveal the good, the bad, and the ugly truths in the market today and offer you invaluable breakthrough WE Leadership perspectives, rare strategies, and transformational skills so you can be the difference in the world for yourself and others. Unlock the greatest leader inside of you. The WE Leader movement is happening right now. Will you make history or just be a part of it?

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