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A crack team of 3 lifelong professional nerds, in various states of age (and in some cases decay), bring their love of all things, to YOU, the listener. They will hold court on all your favorite movies, TV shows, and media in general, with many shout outs to classic features! Hosted by Jeff ‘Nerf Herder’ Chandler, Jim ‘Kaiju’ Baker, and Mike ‘Mjolnir’ Evans, the topics are hand picked each week and are near and dear to all. Far from a serious critique, this will be a fun, nostalgic ride brought to you by regular folks who love this stuff as much as you do. As a bonus, each show will feature a weekly ‘Confessional’ segment - a potentially embarrassing question will be posed that must be answered honestly by all in the cloistered confessional booth, with no judgement given (yeah right!). So tune in and share in the fun with your new pals at TMI - new episodes will magically appear every Wednesday!

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