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This Week in Crypto is a podcast on the Crypto Coin Guru Network that talks about everything bitcoin and blockchain related while focusing on news, views, interviews, educational topics, and more in the crypto world. This is not financial advice. If you like the podcast, you can support/contribute too. We accept: Bitcoin: 18CFFX9F7yaSaSqnYXCKdcbCizJfQe8ac Ethereum: 0x548f264bd8f1e436a6b3fb201719e0074c65c966 Litecoin: LPnC8Suw22TJhb3vUCGuY5rjuhvb8FVprY Dash: XpQ8gNXqe5qck6RqxSNqYZpTWBDubBxVWL Zcash: t1Jz7rbEaoiG7niyebakeLybXBpBsPdKkL1 Bitcoin Cash: 115GBW1CsiLNaju4HwUW8H2q1PbmRLtpZ Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/this-week-in-crypto/support

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