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Welcome to The YBF Podcast, hosted by TheYBF.com's founder Natasha Eubanks! Since we can't always get to EVERYTHING there is to say about the fab and foolywang of the celeb world on TheYBF.com, this podcast is where Natasha lets her shade flag fly. She says everything you're thinking about the hottest topics of the week, and maybe even some ish you didn't think. The YBF Podcast is where we give the fullest picture of celebrity & pop culture news that we care about (and even some news we don't care about, but we're STILL going in about it). Celebrity interviews, hot topics, pop culture news, and of course, foolywang material...all of it. Natasha's been your bestie in your head for years, now it's time to REALLY get into everything she loves, hates, and can't stop talking about. She's back on her no holds barred steez, and there's much to discuss. Don't forget to hit Follow!

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