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Adrienne Nolan-Smith's mission with The WellBe Podcast @getwellbe is to help you prevent chronic health issues, and heal them naturally when they arise. She does this through telling inspiring stories of health recovery through integrative medicine, interviewing fascinating experts that sit between healthcare and wellness, our signature monthly news + research WellBe Wrap-ups, and sharing personal experiences with my own health and wellness. . WellBe (getwellbe.com) was founded by Adrienne Nolan-Smith after several personal, care-taking and work experiences in conventional healthcare showed her that the system was pretty broken. Her mom's suicide after 5 years in the mental healthcare system was the catalyst that made her switch career paths to focus on transforming the healthcare system to one that focuses on prevention, wellness and healing the root cause. Today this kind of medicine is being practiced mostly in the integrative and functional medicine community. . We hope this podcast will inspire and empower you to take control of your health, and demand a system that supports you in this endeavor. . Follow Adrienne and WellBe on Instagram @getwellbe or Facebook @getwellbe and visit getwellbe.com for video versions of our interviews and the rest of our content.

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