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Anne Janzer is a big fan of creating an outline for your book. 

But as an author, you also need to know when to abandon your book outline if it’s not serving you or your readers. 

Anne is  my guest on the latest episode of the Published Author Podcast. She’s author of Get The Word Out: Write A Book That Makes A Difference, and Subscription Marketing. 

Anne understands what motivates her to write, and her own writing process. But she wanted to know if it is the same across the board for other authors. So she sent out a survey and had more than 400 authors answer in kind.

Anne says her survey opened the eyes of a lot of participants about the importance of accepting change during their writing process. 

“We outgrow our outlines as we write, and we need to understand it’s more important to serve the reader with a better book, than to cling to an outline that isn’t quite working anymore,” she explains.

The survey’s findings deal with outlines, research, and motivations for writing. Some authors feel guilty when they deviate from their original outlines. Others are uncomfortable if they don’t complete their research before beginning to  write. And some writers discover their motivations don’t line up with their chosen topics.

Anne stresses authors should realize they are free to step outside of their original constructs, allowing their book to evolve through the process.

This breathing room and evolution doesn’t only include  the outline process, but every process and aspect of writing a book, right up until the published product. Your research, motivations, and even purpose for writing the book might change, and she wants authors to know these changes are perfectly acceptable. 

In this episode you’ll hear Anne talk about her findings, what an author’s main intent should be when writing a book, and her own books.

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Anne Janzer’s survey results: https://annejanzer.com/nonfiction-authors




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