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This very first episode of The Published Author Podcast started out as a trailer, but show host Josh Steimle realized he had so much value to share, he just went ahead and recorded one incredibly informative episode!

Josh is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker. He’s now launched a new venture - Published Author, and this is The Published Author Podcast. 

Author of CMOs At Work and with two other books in progress, Josh gives impressive examples of entrepreneurs who’ve created and encountered exciting new opportunities, all through writing and publishing a book. 

If at this point you’re telling yourself you can’t do what the Gary Vaynerchucks, Gary Kellers, and Anne Lamotts of the world have done, stop. Remember, everyone starts from nothing. And, as Anne Lamott said, perfectionism is the main obstacle between you and a first blank draft. 

Yes, your first draft will probably be ugly, but that’s OK. Josh and his team will coach you and help you along your journey using a comprehensive range of proven tools and systems, including Josh’s own 7 Systems of Influence.

In fact, in this episode Josh asks you to take the first step. Think of yourself as an author. Say this sentence: “My name is - fill in the blank - and I am an author.”

Josh isn’t just going to help you write a book. He’ll show you to create an all-important thought leadership system. By creating a thought leadership system with activities like courses, speaking, and consulting, you’ll create a tribe that’s keen to follow you and listen to what you have to say. The core content for your thought leadership system will be your expertise and your unique offering - and this will be the material for your book.

In this episode, Josh goes into significant detail about his approach to writing, coaching, thought leadership, and content calls to action. In fact, even if you’re not ready to write your book or sign-up for one of his Published Author programs, you’ll learn a significant amount about writing and thought leadership from this episode and the Published Author Podcast.  






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