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If you want to publish a book, why not be really ambitious and publish three?

If you write a series, you’ll significantly increase revenue opportunities compared to just publishing a single book. .

Author Connor Boyack has sold a staggering 1.4 million copies of the children’s series the Tuttle Twins! He joins me on this week’s episode of the Published Author podcast to explain how writing a series completely upped his game as an author and earner.

Connor’s huge breakthrough came when he completed three books, making the Tuttle Twins a fully-fledged series. 

“When it's a series, that does something psychologically to people,” explains Connor. “It's not just a random book. It's like: ‘Ooh, the Tuttle Twins series!’. 

“With three books, something shifted, where our marketing started doing a lot better. The profit and the amount of revenue I had to play with was larger.”

With a significant jump in revenue, Connor then started running Facebook ads. “And as long as your cost of acquisition is below that profit margin, that's a sustainable thing that can run all day long,” he explains.

Today, Connor has an 11-book set. “And that's precisely still the same formula we use as long as our cost of acquisition is below the total revenue that we obtained.”

Connor has written books for adults, too. His first was Latter-day Liberty, which explains why Christians should be libertarian, or at least support the ideas of liberty. This sparked him to launch his own not-for-profit company, The Libertas Institute. During the launch, he wrote another book, Feardom: How Politicians Exploit Your Emotions and How You Can Stop Them, to better explain the ideals and views of his company.

In this episode you’ll hear Connor dive into various complications with publishers and marketing, and how writers can go a different route, giving them the freedom to self-publish and market their books in streams that are most beneficial to them.






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