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Published author Kara Goldin had to fight some serious feelings of doubt on her entrepreneur’s journey. 

Kara documented those doubts in her journal, along with all her experiences on her way to successfully setting up a beverage company - Hint® Water.

The result of all those journal entries is her new book Undaunted: Overcoming Doubts and Doubters

Kara joins me for episode 0002 of the Published Author podcast to talk about Undaunted, the process behind writing her book, how she found a publisher, and how she marketed Undaunted.

Kara had to wrestle down her doubts before she believed she had earned the right to call herself an entrepreneur.  

In the early days, Kara’s venture was so small, she actually doubted that it was a real company, or that she could accomplish what she’d set out to do. In fact, Undaunted’s chronicling of her doubts resonated with many readers, including some famous ones.

“People like Jamie Dimon, John Legend, and Adam Grant have read Undaunted,” says Kara. “They say ‘Wow, what you've put down on paper is not just about women, not just about being a founder. It’s about the journey and recognizing that everybody has doubts along the way!”

Kara faced monumental challenges as she forged ahead. The drinks industry in the U.S. is massively competitive, with big players trying to block small companies from entering the market. This, in turn, stops consumers from accessing healthy foods and drinks and, ultimately, becoming more healthy.

Published by HarperCollins and endorsed by Sheryl Sandberg and Jamie Dimon, Undaunted’s core message is don’t let anyone crush your dreams! It inspires readers to move past fears and defy the doubters.





Undaunted: Overcoming Doubts and Doubters, by Kara Goldin

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