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On this episode, we take a trip back to the early 2000’s. In the early days of the internet and online media, a young Agent Zero became a blog sensation. His writer, current NBA beat reporter, New York Times best selling author and NBA on ESPN personality, Dave McMenamin. Back then, a young journalist on the rise, Dave was connected with Gil in DC to submit some entries to NBA.com. What they got was a whole lot more than expected. It was then that Gil discovered the power of the media, how to get his message out there, connect with fans, relay his perspective of the game and the world around it. Really, that takes us to today. With his playing days behind him, Gil has stayed connected with his fans, definitely knows how to deliver in interviews, in appearances, on shows and of course his podcast. But it had to start somewhere. And as we're seeing with the modern athlete, the use of the media and their own platforms to engage and communicate is a powerful thing. It’s something that is a must to first learn how it works, then apply your own voice and style. Once again, Agent Zero is blazing a trail. Presented by: Manscaped, Literati and NuCalm THE NO CHILL PODCAST A No Chill Production EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Tim Livingston, Gilbert Arenas, Mike Botticello HOSTED BY: GILBERT ARENAS and MIKE BOTTICELLO Videography/Editor: Steven Rhys Foster Director: Steven Rhys Foster Sound: Alfonso Cano Talent Coordinator: Thomas Scott

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