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On this episode, we jump right back into another NBA season. It was a short, short offseason, but looking at the glass half full for 2021, we’re getting a full season and the NBA cycle back on track. As much basketball as possible please! For some players, they didn’t get to the Bubble and have had long layoff, while for others it was a quick turnaround. Either way, hoopers staying hooping.] For Gil, as the season gets back, he wants to see who’s going to step up. From the guys in new places, the rookies ready to shine and the special few who are ready to take their game to another level, we'll get caught up quick. As for who wins it all...here’s a hint...he planning on another championship in LA. The NBA is back like it never left and we’re here for it! Presented by: NuCalm THE NO CHILL PODCAST A No Chill Production EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Tim Livingston, Gilbert Arenas, Mike Botticello HOSTED BY: GILBERT ARENAS and MIKE BOTTICELLO Videography/Editor: Steven Rhys Foster Director: Steven Rhys Foster Sound: Alfonso Cano Talent Coordinator: Thomas Scott

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