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I’m Thalia Toha. Business advisor and CEO of Good Grow Great. My insights have been featured in Huffington Post, Business Insider, and iHeartRadio podcasts. I am passionate about supporting people live extraordinary lives so that they can go home at the end of the day and be able to look at their loved ones in the eye and say: I LOVE what I do. Trouble is, a lot of people only get to ‘LIKE’ what they do. Not LOVE. And because of this, you see a lot of amazing, talented people throw in the towel and give up on their dreams. It’s like watching the main character in a movie die an unnecessary death. Unless you know that there’s a good reason why they have to go, you hate it! Which is why I want to point out some advice that you’ll hear, that can be a HUGE disservice to you. THE PRETTY-MARKETING INFATUATION You know exactly what I mean. In the noisy world of vanity metrics, one thing I learned, interestingly from working with multi-million dollar brands, is that all the pretty stuff is really more like fancy cooking equipment to your 5-star dish. Like pretty marketing, they’re good to have, but 100% NOT essential. At the end of the day, the skills that shaped the pro and the years he spent investing in mastering his craft—matter most. What a relief to know that, if you invest in yourself the right way, it’s fairly difficult for anyone to replicate what you do for many years to come. Gone are the days when the sound of your alarm clock is followed by a long list of to-dos that you hate. The good news is that you don’t have to do them all. You only have to do the most important things BETTER. To start, hit FOLLOW or SUBSCRIBE to hear weekly episodes on what myself and other professionals from all walks of life had learned from failures and successes—so that you don’t have to learn them yourself the hard way. THE VALUE-ADD RACE People always talk about adding value like it's the holy grail of getting ahead. The exhausting thing about this, though, is that NO ONE can possibly add enough value that is satisfactory enough. I have nothing against adding value—IF done right. Trouble is, very few people know how to do this at a high level. A level that respects the person on the other side. Which is why I end up with inboxes that look like this: Six THOUSAND unopened mail! This is a real problem for everyone looking for ways to stand out in what they do. If we listen to people telling you that the best way to grow your business or even just work better—is just to add value … it’s like agreeing that the best way to be an architect is … just to draw!? Obviously NOT. THE HUSTLE GLORIFICATION I never like the word “hustle”. It kind of reminds me of a rat that rattles randomly looking for scraps in the dumpster. And yet the world has sworn that this ‘mindset’ is somehow going to get us a lifetime achievement award in some made-up ceremony. So then what SHOULD you do instead? Accept that laziness, IF targeted, can sometimes be a strength. As a former perfectionist, it took me a LONG time to be cool with certain forms of laziness. But as Bill Gates once implied, lazy people are VERY important. Hustlers will do whatever it takes to keep doing things the same way. Lazy people, prefer to invent things that allow them to take a stroll WHILE things are running on auto. And guess what, they may be thinking dozens of steps ahead of people who are too busy chopping wood and are forgetting to sharpen their axe. Don’t just work smarter. Work more bravely. It’s easy to join the masses and hide behind the hustle bravado. But real bravery is sticking to just a few important things you know you should do … and doing it anyway—EVEN if it’s unpopular. FOLLOW and SUBSCRIBE for more ways to create extraordinary work that you’re proud of. Here’s to working and living more bravely, Thalia

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