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Ep #193 - Welcome to part 6 of my 6 part miniseries titled, "What's Real Happiness?" In the final installment of the series, we'll discuss the topic of stability versus variety and how these two philosophies can impact happiness.

If you're just jumping into this miniseries, the general focus is on defining what "real happiness" really is. Should you have missed any of the first five entries in this miniseries, you can check them out by listening back to the following episodes:

Ep #188 - Part 1: Happiness and Joy Versus Purpose and Meaning

Ep #189 - Part 2: Why Goals are Critical for Happiness

Ep #190 - Part 3: You Have a Chance

Ep #191 - Part 4: The Power of Limits

Ep #192 - Part 5: Personal Responsibility is Everything

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