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In our world, DILF means "Dad I'd Like to... FRIEND,” and that's exactly the goal of this podcast: to tear down the walls that typically leave men out from engaging in honest + vulnerable conversations regarding modern parenthood by sharing inspirational-yet-relatable stories from the often underestimated perspective of a DAD. Host Kevin Seldon is the founder of a social-impact consultancy with clients from award-winning artists and Fortune 500 companies to world-renowned non-profits. However after five years of failed attempts at starting a family, he was left a bit broken – working to inspire passion in others while sorely lacking it in himself. So when he and his wife finally learned they were pregnant, Kevin decided to take an extended paternity leave and become a stay-at-home dad for the first year of his child’s life, which was as inspiring as it was lonely. It was that experience that led him to create an intimate space for dads in an attempt to build the support network he so sorely lacked when he first entered the world of #DadLife. Recently featured by People Magazine, The DILF Podcast has already broken onto iTunes’ Top 50 Parenting Podcast charts in the US, Canada, Spain, Thailand, Denmark and France. We hope you'll join in the conversation – and don't be fooled by the name, this podcast is for BOTH dads and moms... For questions, comments, or guest suggestions, please DM us at: Instagram.com/DILFpodcast

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