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We’ve all got our own reasons for starting a business and for the star of this episode of the High Performing Women series, it was about making a living to support her family. Reena Philpot and her husband Earl started their business, Precision Duplicating Solutions Inc, in their home garage 17 years ago. What started as a way to make a modest living soon escalated into an empire that serves over 500 businesses with annual sales of $1.7 million. 

Neither Reena nor her husband could have predicted the fast-growing success of their business. As a husband and wife team, they have a combined experience of over 40+ years in service and sales in the document management industry. They offer great machines such as digital and multifunctional copiers and desktop printers to businesses, schools, and non-profits. They’re both super passionate about their business and Reena’s unique entrepreneurial journey is one that’ll stay with you, inspire and motivate you to continue on your own journey to profit, growth, and success.

Listen in to discover how Reena built her business from the ground up and grab a notebook to take down all of the incredible advice she shares for anyone who wants to grow and improve their ability to sell.

If you love running a business and want to get better at selling, this episode is for you! 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Reena grew her original business in her garage to a seven-figure business
  • Tips to help CEOs like you get better at sales
  • How to know when it’s time to build a sales team for your business

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