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I am Bob Lotich and I have spent the last decade of my life learning: how to best pay off debt, effective money-saving strategies, about online business and entrepreneurship (with my blog) and what the Bible says about money and finances. I want to empower Christians to have more than enough money. Why you ask? Because as believers, we can use our money to impact eternity and I would rather fund the kingdom than pay interest to a bank. How about you? If you want inspiration and practical tips and strategies to pay down debt, earn more money, and live a life that matters, then this is the show for you. On this podcast I interview some of the smartest experts in all these areas and a lot more. And be sure to stop by our blog at SeedTime.com to get our FREE email course. Have a question or suggestion? Email contact@seedtime.com or call us at 636-344-0438

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