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Welcome to the ‘Scale Up Your Business’ podcast. 
 In this podcast, we will show you how to go from start-up to scale-up and beyond!; how to significantly grow your business; how to develop the right mind-set for growth and to re-ignite with your purpose; how to create effective commercial plans driving predictable revenues; how to leverage and systemise to free you up from day-to-day operations; how to raise funding and investment, especially from VC’s and PE firms; how to design a lifestyle business, a performance business, or an empire!; how to build up for an exit and a significant capital event!; ultimately, how you can create freedom, build wealth, have fun ... and live life more on your terms. Introducing your host, entrepreneur, investor and scale-up specialist, Nick Bradley.   “In business and in life - be grateful, be brave, have faith, show up”.   Contact details: nick@fielding.global www.fielding.global

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