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Welcome to The Rise of The Young Podcast hosted by 18 year old entrepreneur, author, public speaker, and personal branding expert Casey Adams. Casey Adams is the CEO of Build Your Empire which is a massive media company focused on showcasing world class entrepreneurs though business events & content on social media. Build Your Empire has a community of over 1,500,000+ entrepreneurs on Instagram, and we're currently reinventing the business event space. Over the past three years I've focused on building a world class personal brand, and it's led me to sitting down and interviewing hundreds of the worlds most successful entrepreneurs, athletes, celebrities, and more. The Rise of The Young Podcast started in 2017, and it has allowed me to share my story and experiences with YOU as an 18 year old entrepreneur. On this podcast you’ll find interviews & stories with some of the most innovative entrepreneurs, authors, influencers, and CEO’s of this era. My goal is to share stories from the most successful people in this world, and give you a young perspective as I'm only 18 years old. Also, on The Rise of The Young Podcast you will be hearing cutting edge strategies on what it takes to build a world class personal brand on social media. Each episode will be unique, and I'll be sharing my stories that have impacted me the most. At the end of the day, this podcast is for YOU and I would appreciate your feedback on everything I'm doing! Thank you again for listening to "The Rise of The Young Podcast," I look forward to building with you!

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