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In this episode, we’re talking about overcoming inner barriers.

If you “get in our own way” or self-sabotage, it’s not always on you. For centuries, women have been put into positions that force us to play it small and fail to get in touch with our true desires. When it comes to money, having our own income or a life of financial independence was out of the question until just decades ago. We’ve made huge strides, but we still have so much to work through.

Today, I’m joined by Dr. Valerie Rein. Valerie has worked with hundreds of high-achieving women and discovered that the issues they struggle with aren’t just personal. They’re rooted in ancestral and collective trauma experienced for millennia, and she calls the results of this trauma, which affects both men and women, Patriarchy Stress Disorder (PSD). Since her own stress experience, which you’ll hear about in today’s episode, she’s dedicated her career to helping her clients resolve their traumas and live the lives they desire and deserve.

So, if you’re wondering what’s holding you back and how to start making changes in your personal and financial life, today’s episode of Profit Boss® Radio is for you.

Here’s what you’ll find out in this week’s episode of Profit Boss® Radio:

  • How professional success - and extreme stress - helped Valerie discover the barriers holding her back and triggered her “PSD awakening.”
  • Why Valerie’s definition of patriarchy doesn’t refer to “men,” but to a system of inequality and oppression - and how PSD affects men as well.
  • How our bodies’ survival programming kicks in and goes into overdrive to stop us from taking risks - and why so many women are biologically afraid that wealth and power will be seen as unsexy.
  • Stories from Valerie’s work about how unraveling PSD in her patients naturally leads them to increased revenue.

Show Notes

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