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In this episode of Profit Boss® Radio, we’re providing you with a proven guide to move forward and make power moves in your career.

With all the uncertainty and unrest in the world, and the changes people are making in their lives, whether out of necessity or by choice, now is a perfect time to make big changes. However, even though women make up 50% or more of the workforce and the workforce is less defined than ever before, there are still so few great resources on this topic.

Lauren McGoodwin, is an author, speaker, colleague, and friend. She’s the founder and CEO of Career Contessa, where she provides career development resources for women who are job searching, soul searching, leading, managing, or trying to find new ways to advance within their careers.

Today, Lauren joins the podcast to ditch the platitudes and talk about what it truly means to build a career that grows and changes with you, the unique challenges that women face when it comes to finding fulfilling work, and how to start making moves, big and small, to bring your life and career into alignment with what you really want.

Here’s what you’ll find out in this week’s episode of Profit Boss® Radio:

  • The difference between “finding your purpose” and “finding your passion” (and which one Hilary absolutely hates!) - and what it really means to build a multi-dimensional career that grows with you and your interests.
  • Why many women find it so hard to find careers that they really love - and what Lauren learned from her extensive research in this field.
  • Why any move made proactively and with intention can be a power move - and why so many of the most successful and fulfilled women make intentional moves every day at a micro and macro level.
  • Why a power move doesn’t need to be dramatic or life-changing - and can be something as simple as asking for a mental health day, asking to sit in on a project, setting new boundaries, or learning a new skill.
  • The big lessons Lauren learned from launching Career Contessa in 2013.

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