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In this episode, we’re exploring the unexpected ways that aging affects our happiness.

If you do a Google search for the word “midlife,” you’ll instantly be greeted by the autofilled word “crisis.” It’s a time when almost everyone asks themselves, “Is this all there is?” and finds themselves facing new challenges, both internally and externally.

However, as you’ll hear from my guest today, midlife is also an extraordinary time. It’s a time of lasting friendships, of greater confidence, and of having the wisdom to do remarkable things. With a deeper understanding of where all the negative tropes around midlife come from, you can find happiness not just in it, but in the decades to come.

Today, I’m joined by Nancy Davis Kho. She’s the host of the Midlife Mixtape podcast and the author of The Thank-You Project: Cultivating Happiness One Letter of Gratitude at a Time, who is here to share what she learned from her own pursuit of happiness.

So, if you’re ready to bust the myths about middle age and better understand what happiness is really all about, this episode is for you. Tune in to Profit Boss® Radio today!

Here’s what you’ll find out in this week’s episode of Profit Boss® Radio:

  • Why midlife - the period between 30 and 60 - is a really great phase of life to be in.
  • What the happiness curve is, why it’s consistent across species, and how it forecasts our ability to become happier as we age.
  • How to measure success as we get older - and how this moment in history is giving so many people perspective.
  • How Nancy cultivated gratitude at a challenging time in her life - and why choosing to not madly pursue happiness actually makes us happier.

Show Notes

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