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Shaan Puri (@ShaanVP), and Trevor McKendrick (@TrevMcKendrick) discuss:

The brainstorm session:

  • 2:14: Headshots are our avatars in the digital world: why do most suck? There might be an opportunity to fix this
  • 7:02: The startup doing handwritten mail at scale
  • 9:44: How to shadow successful people. Can this be productized?
  • 13:50: The opportunity to disrupt meetings.
  • 17:44: Why Shaan is bullish on catering to doctors
  • 19:35: Turning your life into a video game: working in public to achieve missions
  • 24:20: A viral “who do write like” quiz
  • 27:38: How to revolutionize working with lawyers
  • 29:50: Lambda School for executive assistants
  • 33:00: Trevor's journey to becoming a Chief-of-Staff

Trevor begins interviewing Shaan:

  • 36:40: How did Shaan finally begin getting in shape?
  • 42:00: What’s inspired Shaan to grow his following? 
  • 47:37: How is Shaan so good at persuasion?
  • 55:45: Which of your portfolio companies are you most excited about?

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