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This episode Steve and Emmy chat with the legendary Campbell McLaren, the mastermind behind the UFC, Combate Americas, Collegehumor, and pretty much anything else violent and/or funny. Campbell tells us about his dream fight (Jesus vs. Mohamed and/or Santa), dives into why the Comedy Store may not actually be haunted, and reveals how he really feels about big names he’s worked with in comedy, like Joe Rogan and Larry David. Aside from this great interview, you can hear the most scathing restaurant review of all time from Emmy — and then Steve wraps us up with a run-down on the Jersey Devil. Turns out he’s only got one hand? Oh, and Steve and Emmy launch their idea for a Margaritaville themed podcast. No sponsorship from the restaurant chain, yet.. but ball’s in your court Margritaville. Just sayin’. You can check out Bigfoot the Movie on Amazon.

If you’d like to check out Combate Americas, you can find their website here. Also find Campbell on Twitter and Instagram @CampbellCombate.

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