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"Get Your Write On" Messages from Above #100 features messages from spirit!

In this inaugural episode, Erica Glessing shares messages from the spirits who present themselves as Michael Jackson, Prince, Paul Walker, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr,  Maya Angelou and more. It all started on the basketball court. Erica was running full court when the spirit of Michael Jackson asked her to write a book. She turned him down. Not everyone turns down Michael Jackson. Erica is a little stubborn. Then when the spirit of Prince asked her to encourage people to write music, Erica was inspired. But she didn't get into action. She listened and was curious, as the energy of Prince is actually intoxicating. So now when Maya Angelou asks Erica to inspire people to write -- it is simply not possible to turn that down. So today, Erica is turning it up. 


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You can get Maya's book of poems including "And Still I Rise" here:

 and here's an original poem from the show...

Get Your Write On

A Poem Inspired by Maya Angelou

Write poems.Dance.Be.Know your light.Know you are more than you see.Know you are more than others see.Know you are you, truly, more than anyone else could ever be.Know you have what it takes to break out of this prison.Know that two days, two birds, two people and two songs are never the same. 

~Erica Glessing

opening and closing music courtesy Purple Planet Music "Happy"

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