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Let's be real: we've all indulged in gossip before. Someone you know (or maybe even don't know) has done something to upset you or someone close to you, and so you talk about it. Maybe with one person, maybe with 10, maybe with more. You feel justified in doing so, because they did something wrong, right? You want that person to be held accountable, so you seek justice in the form of forming a group of people together who know how bad that person is and doesn't want to be friends with them anymore. You've won, because you've proven that you're innocent and they're guilty. Most of the time though, these things blow over. Everyone moves on and becomes friends again. Some feelings might have been hurt, but that's about it. Now, let's consider what happens when a YouTuber has a scandal. Tens of thousands (if not millions) of people join together to actively ruin someone's career. They want them to lose their jobs, their income, their stability, their friends, their support, their sanity and sometimes, when it gets bad enough, their lives. All for what? A bad makeup launch, a misconstrued tweet, befriending the wrong person or a mistake they made when they were a teenager, over 10 years ago? Internet culture has taken a turn for the worse, and someone needs to speak up about it. Let's chat...
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