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We seem to make friends so easily as children, but as we grow up and leave school, things start to get a little more complicated. One friend moves overseas, one friend gets super busy with their career, one friend starts a family and one friend slowly drifts away for whatever reason. Or, perhaps you just never had a lot of friends to begin with. It seems to get harder to establish friendships the older we get, because many lifelong friendship circles have already formed, so you either have to try and penetrate an existing circle or find people that are in the same position as you. It can be pretty intimidating (especially for introverts); so I wanted to speak to an expert about how to go about finding and forming new friendships as adults. Hope Kelaher is a therapist from NYC and the author of 'Here To Make Friends: How to Make Friends as an Adult', and she answers all of your burning questions! We talk about everything to do with finding new friends, introverts vs. extroverts, self-worth, vulnerability, maintaining friendships and even moving past small talk. Hope's book is available from Amazon (.com and .com.au), and Barnes and Noble if you're in the US :) I hope you enjoy!

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