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My sleepwear business Lauren Curtis Lounge has been up and running since September 2018. It's my first business outside of YouTube, and while I knew it would be a challenging endeavour, I didn't realise just HOW challenging. Reece (my boyfriend and co-founder) and I have learnt SO. MANY. LESSONS. in the past year and a half (most of them the hard - and expensive - way), and so I wanted to share our experiences with you guys. Who knows, maybe you're thinking of starting a small business or perhaps you've already started and you just feel like you're in your head about where it's at and where you think it should be. Or, maybe it will make you feel better about mistakes that you've made that you're still beating yourself up about. Whatever the reason, I hope it helps you to realise that although I'm calling them mistakes for the sake of the podcast, I really don't consider them mistakes because we both learnt from them. That's what business is - trying something, seeing if it fails or succeeds, then learning from the failure or trying to prolong the success. Lauren Curtis Lounge is currently holding an up to 60% off Valentine's Day sale too, so if you'd like to try our brand now's the time! You can find our website here. If you enjoyed today's episode, please don't forget to subscribe, rate and review! Thank you so much :) x

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