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There is so much more to discover — places around the world, the beauty of being alive and parts of ourselves that we have perhaps not yet been aware of. I am currently working as a flight attendant based out of Germany and I have created this podcast to invite you to be a part of my personal journey. This is a journey that flies me to incredible places around the world, and one that brings me closer to myself, as I go through many situations that challenge me to look within. And this might be the most beautiful journey of all — To discover the greatness that lies within each one of us. Since starting this job, my daily routines have changed from having a regular schedule in one place to walking through soukes in Kuwait, traveling through the biggest slum in Kenya and zip lining in the Andes Mountains in Columbia. The biggest change for me was and still is, to constantly adapt to the changing time zones, new impressions, languages, temperatures and homes, while always talking, interacting and working through the day or night with new people from all over the world. All this is pushing me to new limits that make me change my perspectives and inspire me to consciously look closer at what it does within me. Lets discover the beauty of life together.

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