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Hi! My name is Kalyan Sundareswaran.

This podcast is a personal journey back in time, to the things I loved doing, but forgot to engage with along the way. Things, hobbies, activities that gave me immense joy at one point, but fell between the cracks somewhere along the way as life progressed and I got more busy.

The Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lock-downs presented an opportunity - to go back to those very same interests.

And from there, sprung the idea of this podcast.

In each episode, I'll go back to one such area of interest, and presnt it to you in a deep-dive fashion. I hope that together, you and I, will learn something new and make good use of the extra time these lock-downs have provided us with.

Pull up a chair, pour yourself a hot cup of coffee, or tea, and let's have a conversation about what "I Went Back To..."

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