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Why doesn’t God do something you say? Why doesn’t God show me a sign that He’s real? Why doesn’t God answer my questions, or why doesn’t God solve the problems in my life or the problems in the world?

You need to come to the cross because that is a sign, it’s a sign that God loves humanity and that God loves you......️

Questions for Family Groups: 1.       As you read through the prayer of Jesus in Jn 17, how does the relationship in the Trinity strike you as being a model for unity within the Church? 2.       How do we show eagerness in maintaining the unity of the Spirit? (Read Eph 4:1-6) 3.       Why is the cross the answer to the divisions that existed in the church at Corinth? (See 1 Cor 1:10-25 and Eph 2:11-18)

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