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This is not a diet, weight loss and fitness podcast although thousands have been inspired to change their lives massively. This is also not solely an eating disorder podcast. It's an emotional health podcast. That focuses on supporting people to release negative emotions and experiences from their life and body, to feel good and be free. Visit www.nicolabeer.com for free gifts to break free from emotional eating, binging, starving and purging. www.nicolabeer.com Get into action to love yourself with the love energy toolkit here https://www.nicolabeer.com/toolkit OR Book Your FREE 20 Minute call with Nicola via her website to discuss her weight loss or gain coaching programs... www.nicolabeer.com Or get the great offer on her Healthy Eating Hypnotherapy and eating change program on the website too. Thanks for listening to the emotional health and freedom podcast show. More than a weight loss or fitness show we focus on loving life and yourself.

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