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  2. The Future of Life Institute: The risks and benefits of AI
  3. The Wall Street Journal: Protecting Against AI’s Existential Threat
  4. TED Talks: Max Tegmark - How to get empowered, not overpowered, by AI
  5. Royal Society lecture series sponsored by DeepMind: You & AI
  6. Nick Bostrom: Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers and Strategies (book)
  7. OpenAI: Learning from Human Preferences
  8. DeepMind blog: Learning from human preferences
  9. DeepMind blog: Learning by playing - how robots can tidy up after themselves
  10. DeepMind blog: AI safety

Interviewees: Software engineer Jackie Kay and research scientists Murray Shanahan, Victoria Krakovna, Raia Hadsell and Jan Leike.

Credits: Presenter: Hannah Fry Editor: David Prest Senior Producer: Louisa Field Producers: Amy Racs, Dan Hardoon Binaural Sound: Lucinda Mason-Brown Music composition: Eleni Shaw (with help from Sander Dieleman and WaveNet)

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