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You are invited to the "kitchen table" with Lolita E. Walker every other Wednesday (with bonus episode surprises). In her raw & unapologetic podcast, Lolita coaches you up, while meeting you exactly where you are. She invites you to join her with a guest or it's sometimes simply you and she, as you engage in, what feels like, a face-to-face conversation. More than motivation, empowerment, inspiration, & strategy, Lolita challenges your thinking through personal stories and exercises of "soul-work," then helps to shift you to the best version of yourself. Join the conversation with TEDx and motivational speaker, author, and certified life & executive coach, Lolita E. Walker of Walker & Walker Enterprises. After you listen in on the episodes, check out other products and services at https://www.lolitawalker.com. If you love it, please subscribe & leave a fab review! #letsgo

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