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Host Jason Goff is back with the NBCS Chicago Bulls content team of former NBA player Kendall Gill, Bulls insider KC Johnson, and Bulls Outsider Big Dave Watson to recap the final 2 episodes of The Last Dance documentary. They discuss the "Flu game", Steve Kerr's importance, Dennis Rodman leaving to wrestle, and the inside details of what happened after the Bulls won their 6th championship.

(3:00) - Michael Jordan firmly believes he would have won a 7th championship

(11:00) - Reggie Miller had Bulls fans really scared

(23:50) - Facts/myths of the "Flu game"

(34:00) - Steve Kerr's arc in the documentary

(45:55) - Dennis Rodman leaves the team to wrestle

(1:00:00) - Does LeBron James still think he's the best ever?

(1:14:00) - The awkward ending to the Bulls run

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