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In the Last Dance documentary, we got to see a peek into what being Michael Jordan is like. But what is it like being the son of the most famous athlete in the world? Marcus Jordan goes 1 on 1 with host Jason Goff to discuss everything that comes with being MJ's son. They dive into the Last Dance, who is the greatest player after MJ, and how is he pushing the Jordan brand forward with his own store, The Trophy Room.

(2:35) - What is it like being one of Michael Jordan's kids

(8:12) - The difficulties of sharing his father with everyone in the world

(14:40) - Dealing with debates on if MJ is the best ever

(19:00) - The story of the University of Central Florida changing from Adidas to Jordan

(24:20) - MJ's relationship with Kobe

(26:48) - MJ's relationship with LeBron

(31:34) - Keeping the Jordan brand going with Trophy Room

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