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Hello listeners and Below The Line fanatics! Today's episode is with Scott Kelley, a restaurateur in a town of 1000 people in the buzzing city of Ennis, Montana. I have always wanted to chat with Scott because he has a hilarious personality, made a huge life move to a small town in Montana after growing up in Dallas, Texas, and because he has owned and operated a handful of different types of restaurant concepts over the last 20 years. We haven’t covered this side of the business on the podcast before, but I knew he would be a great, honest guest to go deep into this kind of “creation”... especially in the era of Covid-19, where restaurants and tourist towns have been greatly impacted (and he sits at the intersection of both).

One of the places he and his wife own is called The Gravel Bar, and it sells the best burger in all of Montana — Seriously (and that’s because the burgers are creations of his scientist wife).

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