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Brent Bass is a successful and introspective Director of Athletics and health teacher in Washington DC. Brent is consistently engaged in becoming his best self.  His curiosity in flourishing comes from his many experiences, some great and some sour, in sports and in life. This has led him to share his ideas and truths on focusing, being intentional, determined, and in sharing gratitude to help you become liberated and to serve in a healthy and productive manner. In this concise (5 to 6 minute long), primarily monologue, podcast for adults (or youth), based upon his book to adolescents called BASSketball Lessons, Brent will provide nuggets of advice he’s learned, applied and shared with others to attain, renew and sustain an active, peaceful and anxiety eased lifestyle. The primary point of the show is to inform you to conquer a self-defeating mindset and to live vibrantly in this noisy world.   It will take work to reset alterable mental settings, ideas and habits. On this show, If you listen closely, you’ll learn how.

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