7 Features & Qualities Of A Great Podcast

features of great podcasts

Before we dive into the features and qualities of a great podcast, let’s, first of all, understand what a podcast is. Simply put, a podcast is a series of spoken, audio episodes, that is often focused on a particular topic or theme, like technology, startups, etc. Most podcasts today are only audio, although there are video podcasts too.

In creating a successful podcast show, the host plays an important role. In Fact, the host shoulders the success of it because he/she is to create good content, find the right guest, needs to be very skillful and as well become an expert in the subject matter.

Though there is no general or particular formula that podcasts share but the ones listed below are shared by most successful podcasts. So, take them and start creating successful podcasts.

1. Consistency

Being consistent with your podcast is vital, just so your listeners can keep up with your timing. If your podcast is daily, weekly, or monthly, stick to it and don’t skip a day or week or month. People like to know that your podcast will be waiting for them at a particular time. Not being consistent, can easily make them lose interest in you and your work.

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2. Good Equipments

Endeavor to get quality sound equipment for the production of your work and ensure that your audio is clear so that your listeners don’t get worked up with your podcast. No one wants to listen to a podcast that sounds like crap or sounds creepy. Invest your time and energy in giving your work a big shot. But then if you cannot handle this properly, you can seek the assistance of someone who can give you nice production.

3. Engaged Audience

Build your audience, engage with them and give them a space to engage with each other. As a podcast host, you need to speak to your audience as if they are right there with you. You do  not need to tell them how great the interview was, but let them discover it by themselves. They can engage with each other by you asking your listeners to leave a review on your website, send emails, leave voicemails, and even send a tweet. Creating a Facebook group for your listeners wouldn’t be a bad idea too. And most importantly, enjoy it every moment of it. If you’re not having fun, your listeners probably aren’t enjoying it either.

4. Amazing Guests

Put in the effort to seek for the right guest for your podcast because sometimes a guest can either break or make your episodes. If you have a guest that has not much experience or even inexperienced, do your best to put them through before letting your work go live. Set out guidelines for the guest, set up practice run and get him acquainted with your kind of podcasting. Bear it in mind that not all who asked to be featured on your podcast will be granted an audience. Find out if the person is a good fit for the job if the guest will benefit your audience or listeners, and if he will deliver valuable content that your listeners seek.

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5. Knowledgable Host

As a host, how much of the topic do you know? Do you want to discuss a topic because it’s trending and then, you have little or no knowledge about it. For every topic , you need to be well grounded in it, that is the only way your audience will be enlightened listening to you. Prepare and research your topic very well so as to stay focused and having a clear path of the conversation. Do not even let your listeners get lost along the way. So, always keep your discussions pertinent to the topic of discussion or subject matter.

6. Great Preparation

Before the interview, make a research about your guest, familiarize yourself with their work, find out their biography. Do well by reading their books and listening to some of the podcasts they have being featured on and get yourself accustomed to their choice of topics. You may also want to send a pre-interview survey just to gather enough information about the guest. Do every necessary preparation before hand.

7. Fantastic Episodes Titles

The first impression matters a lot when it comes to podcasts titles. A title should be able to draw attention and captivate the minds of people to listen to your podcasts. If it is not well crafted, people may not find it interesting enough to listen to. Be a good content creator here and give your listeners a value for their time. So, creating a killer episodes title is a key factor! It must be catchy and creative.